• Tami McCandlish

A Pre-Workout Prayer

Because God sets all things into motion, it's fitting to worship Him through exercise.

Before you start your workout, say this prayer:

Lord, I come to you as I prepare to exercise. Because You've given me life and the ability to move, I will honor You with my body and mind. I am present in this moment. I center my thoughts upon Your strength and invite Your Spirit to dwell within me. I breathe You in. Be my guide and energy. Cushion my strides. Fuel my repetitions. Give me the guts to move with intention and intensity. Help me overcome discouragement and fatigue. I will complete more than I believe I'm capable of because anything is possible with You (Matthew 19:26).

To God be the glory. Amen.

Worship through your workout with these intra-workout and post-workout prayers.

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