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While my classmates basked in senioritis, I was trying to figure out how to survive one more day of school.


As an athlete, honor-roll student, club leader, and friend of many, I enjoyed school until gossip, rumors, and backstabbing created a swarm of noise I could no longer ignore. When I stood up to the girls who targeted me, my relationships changed forever.


Crushed by the rejection of my friends and community, I lost my sense of identity and doubted I could take one more day of life.


High school ended, but shame lingered. Throughout college and into adulthood, lies of the enemy infiltrated my thinking, compounded every relational disappointment, affected how I interacted with others, and left me struggling but determined to regain friendship.

Twenty years later, I still think about how it all shaped my life, but I'm no longer controlled by the pain of the past. 


I share my story to remind others that we cannot always control how people treat us, but we can decide how to react. Hurtful words and actions do not define who we are. Our worth is in Jesus, who shows us how to forgive our enemies, love again, and move forward in friendship.


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