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Hi, I'm Tami, a Midwestern country girl raised at the edge of the Appalachian foothills. I'm married to my college sweetheart, Charlie. We live in the Buckeye state and work together, coaching people in exercise and wellness.


I like old (but not stuffy) stuff—classic movies, little white churches, bluegrass (I’m learning how to play the banjo), and paperback books.


Exercise is a priority, an act of worship that nourishes my soul.


I eat beautiful salads, too many tortilla chips, and I'm a goner near a bag of gummy bears.


I love cats (and all animals) and have six kitties, that, some days, I talk to more than humans.


I struggle with socializing because people aren't always easy to love, but neither am I. So I strive to give others room to express themselves as I, myself, want the same.

I'm not the girl who gets invited to many girls' nights. Maybe because I'm not very girly. I'd rather power wash than go shopping. I choose whiskey over wine. I chew my nails, and most of my clothes are from 2010.


My words aren't always roses and rainbows, but I listen for an invitation before sharing my opinion.


I’m the kind of friend who doesn’t need to schedule an appointment for a phone call or post a photo every time we get together.


The kind who will give you a good laugh when I belt out the wrong song lyrics.


The kind who will mail you handwritten notes just because and who will stand up for you when you’re not around, even when it means standing alone.


I honor friendship because I know the pain of losing friends. I know the sting of gossip, betrayal, and rejection. The aftermath of a wrecked reputation. The heartbreak caused by someone who will never knock on my door again. The absence of community. And the challenge of regaining authentic friends.

When I was 17, bullying changed my life forever. It created a mess in my mind and shook my identity.


Twenty years later, what happened to me in school still impacts me, but it no longer controls me (learn more about the book I’m writing). I am not defined by the hurtful things people did or by the mistakes I made defending myself. Others’ approval doesn’t dictate my value. My worth is in Jesus, who taught me to forgive my enemies and move forward in love.

I’ve been sharing my experience since 2007, but I don't consider myself an anti-bullying speaker. I'm just a girl with a story, using my interests to help people navigate the imprint of bullying.


Whether you’re trying to figure out how to survive one more day of school, or you carried the pain of the past into adulthood, I hope what I share resonates with you.


When you feel attacked for who you are, I hope my words remind you God's love outweighs all the affection of this world. Although He allows us to endure tough times, He is the Best Friend who will never abandon us. I hope you'll join me in drawing close to the King of the outcasts, who understands our hurt like no one ever could. He frees us from shame and restores what was lost.

Although we may never meet in person, I value you just the same and care about your growth. I hope we can be friends. God led you here, so don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear your story and pray for you.

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